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Hexocom is a full-service engineering and procurement firm that delivers the right solution at the right time.

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Oil & Gas Industries

Ultimate Browsers SupportFrom exploration through refining, oil and gas industry needs reliable control and monitoring systems. Controlling the flow must stay at its highest level of standard to ensure sustainable and profitable operation. Hexocom has helped energy companies get the valuable information they need and has supplied flow,  temperature, and pressure components to exceed the standards.


Data Analytics

Ultimate Browsers SupportData Analytics helps organizations to plan for the future. Understanding what has happened in your business and what is to come is critical to have a successful business. Hexocom provides business intelligence and data analytics to help organizations gain insight into their processes and make sournd decisions accordingly. 


Water & Wastewater

Ultimate Browsers SupportFrom on-line measuring and monitoring water quality to treatment of wastewater effluent are crucial in protecting the public health. On-line chlorine analyzers,  sensors, PH meters and other measuring systems supplied by Hexocom ensure the highest level of water quality and wastewater treatment. The failure-free and accurate measurement bring about the best results in a such an important application.


Power and Telecom

Ultimate Browsers SupportPower generation industry pushes for more efficiency, higher safety, and better emission control. Mechanical endurance and electrical efficiency are essential for measurement, monitoring, and process control components. Hexocom supplies top of the line products to help utility companies reduce their costs and provide sustainable energy to their clients. In addition we provide engineering solutions and supply advanced products for telecommunication industry. 



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